Samphire is able to offer a wide range of decommissioning services to Operators. These include everything from high level decommissioning studies for the purpose of appraising future liabilities through to “nuts and bolts” detailed plans required for project sanction. In all cases the team draws on its offshore execution experience as input to the decommissioning work.


The decommissioning service typically covers the following areas:

  • Option development
  • Comparative assessment of the options
  • Method statement and plans
  • Cost estimates (high level & detailed)
  • Regulatory permit development support
  • Contractor selection & management
  • Offshore execution management

A deep understanding of the issues and challenges associated with all of the components of subsea systems allows us to quickly and efficiently develop practical options to move forward with.


Case Studies




The challenge for operators is to effect the simplest and cheapest solution to achieve the asset decommissioning as per the agreed plans. 


Samphire has completed a number of decommissioning studies for major pipelines and subsea developments.
In addition to the study work, Samphire has also delivered several decommissioning projects through execution from detailed planning of the execution works, contractor selection and management, regulatory permit support, to offshore execution management and close out.
Execute experience covers pipeline de-oiling, dynamic flexible riser recovery, pipeline / riser dissection and disposal, pipeline recovery as well as preparations for removal of a small southern North Sea platform – dredging, risers cuts, spool removal, pipeline end remedial works, debris clearance and environmental survey / sampling.


Samphire has developed cost effective solutions at an early stage for input to plans / budgets as well as actual delivery of decommissioning activities offshore using our execute experience / solutions.