Samphire Subsea Engages in Decommissioning Market

Decommissioning is meant to be the next big thing in the North Sea, but is it?

At Samphire Subsea our focus has been on developing cost effective solutions to operational infrastructure in support of maximising economic recovery from the existing well stock. We can’t however ignore our other experience in asset late life planning, decommissioning, equipment removal and disposal areas. This also recognises the huge amount of transferrable skills that are relevant in that space from our execution experience. It feels like we have something more to offer and as such have chosen to positively step into that space. We have since become a member of Decom North Sea and will be attending the forth coming Decom conference in Aberdeen.

We at Samphire Subsea believe that there is a real opportunity to bring a lower cost SME type solution to the subsea infrastructure removal preparation and recovery aspects.  While to date there has been much focus on the Tier 1 contractor type solutions, there is space and opportunity in the market for a Tier 2 solution which integrates key suppliers across the supply chain, using the best solutions in the market. This will be less driven through the need to utilise Tier 1 company assets and genuinely focused on the right, most cost effective solution. One key aspect will be the vessel provision, so our initial focus will be on aligning ourselves with appropriate vessel owners. Samphire Subsea will then apply it’s solution provision experience across the supply chain to integrate the other key areas to provide a full one stop shop in conjunction with its project management and engineering experience.

At this stage we can’t really tell if it is the next big thing, but we have taken small steps to engage and at least be in a position to add value to the market. Only time will tell if it turns out to be true.

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riser2Photo by Samphire Subsea

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