Integrity Management

The Integrity Management business area provides support across system development, asset monitoring and engineering support activities through to life extension of mature assets. Some of our resources have been active across the key industry committees that have been at the forefront of developing many of the integrity concepts. This has helped shape much of our integrity offering for mature basins and ensure that it is relevant and aligned to market conditions and thinking.

The service covers different asset types; rigid pipelines, flexibles, structures and associated equipment.

This typically covers:

  • Management system development
  • System audit
  • Asset monitoring
  • Integrity reporting
  • Corrosion modelling
  • Risk assessment
  • Inspection system definition, selection and management
  • Inspection planning and selection
  • Anomaly management
  • Fitness for purpose assessments
  • Inspection execution management
  • Defect assessments
  • Life extension

The breadth of experience and integrity management capability at Samphire allows us to assist operators with a range of services from solving one-off problems arising from the results of inspection, testing and maintenance through to the provision of a fully integrated integrity service year on year.