When Making Progress is the Only Option…

gladAs a young, assertive and smart lady of African descent, these words of Kwame Anthony Appiah a British-born Ghanaian-American philosopher “Remember you are a citizen of the world” still fill my thoughts as though they were first spoken to me.

On board British Airways to the United Kingdom in September 2015 I was convinced my dream of becoming a strategic communication consultant was underway. With a degree programme in MSc Corporate Communication and Public Affairs in Robert Gordon University, I said to my self, ‘before you return, broaden your knowledge base with some industry experience on the programme’. Like most Africans are aware, to get this exposure from a developed nation is the icing on the cake.

When the time was right, Samphire Subsea, an engineering consultancy offered me that opportunity to make the difference.

It is true that experience is the requirement for any employment, conversely and of equal importance is the burning desire to make that difference. The chance of being a part of a family that will walk you through that journey, one that believes in developing habits of coexistence, of living together establishing a good cross-cultural rapport in today’s diversified business environment is satisfying.

Contributing towards corporate vision…

The international community of the Robert Gordon University ‘RGU’ makes it possible for people from different cultures to find home in the United Kingdom for postgraduate studies. The placement opportunity incorporated in the modules helps students gather industry experience in their area of study. As a student of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) UK by virtue of the course I am studying which is an authentication of the programme.

My time at Samphire Subsea is to help promote the corporate brand on social media platforms and assist in the development of the marketing strategies geared towards the vision of becoming the market leader in the engineering services industry.

As a growing company, Samphire Subsea understands its corporate social responsibility towards the community of operation by working with the local universities of Scotland like RGU and the University of Aberdeen but not limited to these two, in giving the students irrespective of their diverse cultural backgrounds, the experience of a real working life. It is an exciting feeling to make practical meaning out of the theories taught in class and an opportunity to build on ‘the experience’ always required by companies in order to succeed in future.

The relationship at Samphire Subsea is one of reciprocity; as the market leader provides the enabling environment; I contribute to the promotion of the brand to increase the brand affinity, growth and profit for the sustainability.

Life gives you not what you think you deserve but what you fight for. Like the Samphire plant from the asparagus family with the tenacity to survive among rocks, I was born into a family of a dozen plus with the only option to move forward by being assertive, perseverant, strong in order to survive. My name “Dodzi” in my native Ghanaian language means “endurance” and that syncs well with the spirit of the samphire plant to survive the different experiences of life.

Come along as we explore the market leader in the engineering services industry, Samphire Subsea Ltd.

Gladys Dodzi Yawa Afenyo
Samphire Subsea Limited.
Brand and Communication Strategist – intern
(Robert Gordon University)
11th April 2016.