Nigeria Market Assessment Visit

The Samphire Subsea team were in Lagos, Nigeria last week completing a market assessment visit.  We were assisted by UKT&I who worked with us to compile the visit programme and SDI who provided general support to the visit.  The intent was to meet with international oil companies, national oil companies and potential supply chain / JV partners.


Photograph (left to right): Idowu Babalola (Senior Trade Development Manager, UKT&I), Boma Beddie (UKT&I Rep), Paul Soutar (Managing Director, Samphire Subsea)

It was a very busy week and we managed to get round a good spread of our target companies to allow us to properly assess the market opportunity.  In advance of our trip there had been much made of the security risk across the country, but through proper planning and sensible movement on the ground we experienced no issues which caused us to feel threatened.  It is a hugely different culture and environment to the UK, which is one of the main reasons for the added risk but this also perhaps creates the opportunity.

Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa, estimated around 180 million people, so human resources are unlikely to be an issue in support of work or business.  We found the local people to be colourful and positive types that were happy while striving to make progress.

Although there is a large proportion of the population which is relatively poor, there is a clear target to support learning and development and what is wrong with that, a basic human right across all societies.  There is also a large well educated part of society that is thriving and engaged in pushing the country forward to improve in all areas across basic infrastructure; power generation, energy supply, transportation & roads, terminals and general city infrastructure development.  There is much to be done across the country but some large projects in key areas have commenced and this will continue over the medium / longer term to provide the infrastructure required of an integrated modern society.

The nation appears to be less encumbered with structure, rules and regulations than the UK, which provides the opportunity for focusing on getting the job done.  This seems to apply across all industry sectors and drives ingenuity, their focus is on bringing solutions to the problems and getting things done over how they achieve the end result.  The country has vast potential and this pioneering spirit will be one of the keys to unlocking that in future.

There is much for the Samphire Subsea team to consider and assess from the initial country visit, but we do hope to be able to step into the market soon.  There are lessons to take back into our existing business from what is clearly a different culture and also perhaps things to share that we can impart to the local people and business.  One thing is for sure, we could not fail to learn how people adapt and be resourceful in different cultures and environments, as a minimum that fits with the current environment and perhaps is the best lesson of all.


Risk Event Lessons for Business

120 people across all industry sectors engaged in a wide range of risk topics delivered by industry leading speakers at the Still In Control event sponsored by Samphire Subsea. The topics covered the complete risk spectrum from commodity, military, criminal, travel and corporate risk. We loved the concept behind Still in Control and how it fitted with all the key themes for business today.


Photograph (Left to Right):
back row Colin MachLachlan (Star of Channel 4’s reality TV drama SAS: Who Dares Wins, and Risk Management Consultant), Gary Aitken (Head of the Health and Safety Division, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service), Bob Keiller (Business Advisor at AB15 Limited and Chairman of Scottish Enterprise), Bill Beattie (CEO of Matrix Risk Control), Craig Smith (Investigator / Trainer at Matrix Risk Control), John Smith (CEO of MPC Group Australia)
front row John Richardson (Investigator / Trainer at Matrix Risk Control), Alan Smith (Director of Matrix Risk Control), Mhorvan Sherret (Director of Matrix Risk Control), Kirstin Gove (Broadcast Journalist and Facilitator)

At Samphire Subsea, we understand the uncertainty around the current low oil price environment which is driving the need for collaboration, diversification and international expansion. The current global instability is also adding further complexity and security risk to all business, in already challenging times. As output, there was real insight for all business from the day with thoughts and actions to take away to help provide structure for challenging times. These can be integrated into your business to help manage the risks and pave the way for a more managed future in this changing environment. There were many facets of the day that resonated with Samphire Subsea as a business, to pick up on a couple of topics:

  • Criminal risk dealt with the case of the Arlene Fraser murder and how her husband was convicted eventually due to a lack of attention to the small details. At Samphire Subsea our DNA is based around taking care of the small details to allow our customers to focus on the key big decisions.
  • Corporate risk dealt with company culture and how that can make a difference in a competitive market. Our culture is what defines Samphire Subsea as a business; it is at the core of how we go about our work, take care of our people and work with our customers.
  • Travel risk reflected on the need for real diligence and planning for engagement in higher risk areas. At Samphire Subsea this is very relevant as we look to travel to West Africa this month for the first time. We are working to adapt our standard travel process and add extra steps to provide assurance and security for the trip.

There was plenty of food for thought in general but at Samphire Subsea we are already looking at how we can improve our existing systems and processes as a result of the conference. We would be happy to share and discuss any of the topics from the day, so please get in contact should you wish to hear more on any specific topic.


Photograph (Left to Right): Gary Aitken (Head of the Health and Safety Division, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service), Mhorvan Sherret (Director of Matrix Risk Control), John Smith (CEO of MPC Group Australia), Paul Soutar (Managing Director), Alan Smith (Director of Matrix Risk Control), Bob Keiller (Business Advisor at AB15 Limited and Chairman of Scottish Enterprise)



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