Still in Control: Samphire Subsea collaborates with Matrix Risk Control

Business risk is a real threat for most businesses, particularly in the current North Sea Oil and Gas market, an ever increasingly challenging environment. Whether managing cash flow, improving business efficiency, or cutting costs with the aim to sustain effective operations, managing risk has never been more important.

At Samphire Subsea, we understand the uncertainty around the current local marketplace is driving the need for collaboration, diversification and international expansion. Combined with the current global instability, this can add complexity and security risk to your business, in already challenging times.

When the Matrix Risk Control team suggested hosting an event to identify and address these risks, Samphire Subsea were delighted to support and make this happen. Still in Control, delivered by Matrix Risk Control, will address a wide range of topics across corporate, commodity, military and criminal risk, delivered by a range of keynote speakers. We’ll experience a splendid display on the day from two world champion sky divers, who not only have a head for heights, but are also experienced risk managers. As experienced safety professionals, through this activity they will showcase first-hand the importance of risk management.

We love the concept behind Still in Control; it fits with all the key themes for business today, while remaining relevant to any business in any industry. We expect to gain real insight from the day, and leave with tools that we can deploy in our business to help manage the risks and pave the way for the future in this changing environment.

We’re delighted to be collaborating with Matrix Risk Control by supporting this event.

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Still in Control Launch Flyer

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